YOU at this moment agree TO THE FOLLOWING WAIVER:


I agree to inform the Extreme Bounce Tour team of any illness, current injury, allergies or medical conditions BEFORE using any of the equipment.
I agree to inform the Extreme Bounce Tour team of any medication I personally or the participant(s) is taking BEFORE to using any of the equipment.


By purchasing any admission ticket you agree to the waiver of the following:
You are over the age of 16 years and do not require an adult to sign this waiver


I agree to allow the participant below 16 years of age that I have bought the entry ticket for to take part in activities at Extreme Bounce Tour. In providing my consent, I declare that I understand that the activities and extreme activities themselves are not completely free from risk. I accept that while Extreme Bounce Tour staff will take the appropriate precautions to prevent accidents, this can never be guaranteed.

I give consent for photos and videos taken on the day to be used for promotional purposes by Extreme Bounce Tour.

I confirm that I am/the under 16 I have purchased an entry ticket for is physically fit and healthy and I undertake to advise Extreme Bounce Tour of any change in my current condition. I give consent that in the event of any illness/accident any necessary treatment can be administered to me/the under 16 I have purchased an entry ticket for. I confirm that I have read through the activity rules below/with the under 16. I have bought an entry ticket for and that I/he/she agree(s) to abide by the activity rules as laid out by Extreme Bounce Tour and to follow the instructions of the Extreme Bounce Tour staff at all times.

Participants enter and take part in Extreme Bounce Tour Events at their risk. The promoter, the venue and any associated staff members take no responsibility for injuries or damages caused at Extreme Bounce Tour.


All users agree that they shall not participate in any activities provided by Extreme Bounce Tour unless they have read Extreme Bounce Tour safety instructions on display below and entry to Extreme Bounce Tour. By entering you/the under 16 you have purchased a ticket for agrees to the rules are as follows:

  1. I will comply with the height, weight and age restrictions specified by Extreme Bounce Tour. The current weight limit for any clothed participant is 21 stone.
  2. Parents are responsible for the safety of children inside Extreme Bounce Tour. Extreme Bounce Tour staff are purely there for the safety of equipment and the use of selected equipment.
  3. Before participating, users will remove jewellery, mobile phones and other valuables.
  4. Participants will not eat or drink while participating in activities provided by Extreme Bounce Tour.
  5. Participants will at all times only carry out activities that are within their skill level and of which they can retain control at all times.
  6. Participants will at all times follow the instruction of Extreme Bounce Tour staff.
  7. Participants will not attempt to climb or dismantle the safety apparatus and go into areas of the arena which are cordoned off with barrier tape.
  8. Participants will not try to forward flip, back flip or land anyway but the way which is intended on any of the inflatable/activities.
  9. Participants will only rest in the designated seating and rest areas away from activities.
  10. Participants confirm that they are not pregnant. You should not participate if pregnant.
  11. Participants confirm that if they have any medical condition that they believe may affect their ability to compete at Extreme Bounce Tour they must consult a qualified medical practitioner before engaging.
  12. Any injuries within Extreme Bounce Tour must be reported to our team leaders at the Extreme Bounce Tour check in desk so an incident report can be made for Extreme Bounce Tour.
  13. Participants confirm that anyone entering Extreme Bounce Tour is of the required age for that session. Extreme Bounce Tour sessions are strictly over 5’s.